Training Day XX

January 4, 2019 By TOS


Training Day turns 20, on January 6th at the Test Of Strength Wrestling Dojo in East Hartford, Connecticut at 1pm, and the pressure builds exponentially.

The big picture for Lone Survivor has become more clear, if slightly. In December, 32 competitors fought for one more step towards becoming the first ever Test Of Strength Tag Team Champions. In the new year, 8 teams remain, and while very talented athletes fell by the wayside, the cream of the crop rose to the top.

Slyck Wagner Brown represents his alma mater alongside fellow Killer Kowalski wrestling school Guy Jay Freddie, while a branch down the learning tree, Above The Influence and The Bello Twins feature some of TOS’s premiere trainees. The entire northeast region is represented by teams with known names like The Middlesex Express, Filthy Family, East Coast Syndicate, and the far-reaching Fellowship. Not to mention one of the groups garnering the most of the TOS faithful’s support, the ever-entertaining Congregation. Who will make a giant leap to see the semi-finals of this inaugural tandem titles tourney?

Meanwhile, the reigning Test Of Strength Champion “Hard Hittin“ Bobby Ocean entered the fray for the first time since his injury, incurred while winning the wrestling championship at Fight For Your Dreams. The impromptu pairing of Dan & Bobby was destined to implode, but there may be even more to this dissolution, as we see The Champ lead a team of newcomers against a calculating villain, one who chose wisely outside of his own stable. He found familiar faces who have made their mark at TOS, and this stand-off is bound to become an all-out rumble.

Speaking of rumbles, in the latest Rumble Young Man Rumble, the ring will fill with hopeful wrestlers, until only one individual stands with a guarantee for glory. A battle royal is set to take place, with the winner earning the first promised slot in the Lone Survivor gauntlet match, which on March 30th in Northampton, MA, will crown the next #1 Contendor for the crown.

Join Test of Strength live at the Dojo, 87 Church St, East Hartford, CT, starting at 1pm, or tune in live on YouTube! Admission is free to the public, and donations are always appreciated.