Ever Dream Of Being A Pro Wrestler?

December 14, 2018 By TOS


Every professional wrestler you have ever seen, from sold-out stadiums to high school gymnasiums, has had one thing in common; they all shared a dream. At Test of Strength Wrestling, you can take the first (or next) step towards realizing a dream that many share, but far too few actually pursue.

LEARN. Any journey starts somewhere, and Test of Strength is the perfect place to begin yours. It may seem like a daunting or intimidating leap, but the fact of the matter is, everyone was once a beginner. TOS is a welcoming environment where new people step between the ropes to learn professional wrestling for the very first time every single week.

UNLEARN. No matter where your journey takes you, a devoted student learns along the way. Some lessons are invaluable and couldn’t be learned anywhere else; others can indulge bad habits that ingrain themselves in your execution and stunt your growth. The trainers at Test of Strength have amassed their knowledge from all over and learned from the very best. They have performed at the highest level, and can share that experience to help you hone your craft, even if you currently study elsewhere, and might have areas to improve in.

RELEARN. Even the most ambitious and impassioned journey is bound to hit obstacles, and life has a funny way of getting in the way at times. If you had been studying and haven’t been in the ring for some time, for whatever reason, now could be your best chance to return. Countless wrestlers, from start-and-stop rookies to tenured veterans, come through the doors at TOS to resume their journey, freshen up their game, or just knock off the rust. Come join them!


You can find out more about our wrestling school on our Test of Strength Wrestling School page.